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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

American Steel
There has been a disruption in the entire world economy for steel because the amount of over-capacity has had huge consequences on the steel industry elsewhere: “The export-oriented Chinese industry is undermining steel economies around the world.”

Steel: Where It Is & Where It Is Going
While there is a lot of discussion of alternative materials for vehicle manufacture nowadays, one of those alternatives just may be something that’s in the 3GAHSS category—that’s as in “third-generation advanced high-strength steel.” Of course, “3GAHSS” just sounds more up-to-date than steel, doesn’t it?

Reducing Mass and Cutting Costs with Steel
For the past few years, it seems like steel has become the dominant material of choice for automotive applications.Sure, there are exceptions to this.

A Designer Material: Steel
Yes, steel can be considered a designer material. At least the category known as "advanced high strength steel." It is being tailored to meet specific needs.

STEEL: Staying Strong
There's plenty of buzz about materials other than steel because steel has been used for body applications for so long. But the steel industry is working so that its products will be anything but antique.


Steel: It's Not What It Used to Be
Perhaps because steel has long been used in the auto industry, some engineers think that the material is old-hat, that different materials have to be used in order to develop vehicles that are lighter and so more fuel efficient. But 35 steel companies from 18 different countries are proving that steel is as high tech and as capable as anything available, and they're building a car to prove it. And, oh, by the way—steel is a whole lot more economical than the competition, too.

Creating a Better Truck
Here's a look at a study that was conducted by a committee of the American Iron and Steel Institute to determine whether steel could be used to create big, safe and light-weight sport utility vehicles and light trucks.