Additive Manufacturing Requires More Than Scanning to a Point Cloud

After scanning to a point cloud, additive manufacturing requires some part design features not common in subtractive manufacturing.

June 2018 - Lawrence S. Gould , Contributing Editor

Additive, Here and Now

Some people insist that 3D printers and other additive manufacturing will remove metal cutting and injection molding from the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers wonder how long until they are able to 3D-print high-volume production parts. Capabilities exist right now 
that may be surprising.

June 2018 - Michael Anderson , Senior Technical Editor

Avalon Advances

Although sedan sales may be dropping, Toyota is still holding strong in the segment and 
is offering an all-new Avalon to bolster its position.

June 2018 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

Better Braking—By Wire

Brake-by-wire systems not only eliminate mechanical brake actuation, they can even greatly enhance a vehicle’s dynamic performance.

June 2018 - Christopher A. Sawyer , Contributing Editor

Designing the 2018 Hyundai Kona

To expand its line of crossovers, Hyundai developed an all-new platform for its B-segment entry, the Kona. And the design team, led by Chris Chapman, set about to create a new look for the small vehicle in a growing category.

June 2018 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

Designing the 2019 Ram 1500

Ram Truck chief exterior designer Joe Dehner talks about how they’ve developed the all-new pickup. “We’ve been building trucks for over 100 years,” he says. “Best I could come up with is that this is our 15th-generation truck.”

June 2018 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

Steel and Impacts on the Environment

According to the U.S. EPA, “Gases with a higher GWP [global warming potential] absorb more energy, per pound, than gases with a lower GWP, and thus contribute more to warming Earth.” The people at the SMDI want you to know that over its entire lifecycle, steel has a lot less GWP than aluminum. 

June 2018 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief