January 2019


About Autonomy: Three Views

Yes, there will be more autonomous technology coming at an ever-increasing rate. Which means all the more considerations must be taken into account.

January 2019 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

Design and Evolution

Not exactly Darwinism, but an approach where change in process can reap benefits. Chris Chapman talks about how better designs can come to be.

January 2019 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

The Modern AGV Delivers Flexibility

Automatically guided vehicles are getting smarter and more versatile.

January 2019 - Michael Anderson , Senior Technical Editor

Time to Upgrade Your CAM Software?

Improvements to the 2019 versions of CAM software go well beyond user interface/experience enhancements, even though the changes might seem small.

January 2019 - Lawrence S. Gould , Contributing Editor

What’s Nexo?

Hyundai has developed a hydrogen-powered vehicle that has the capability and the stylishness that might make people wonder why there aren’t more hydrogen stations.

January 2019 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief