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PUBLISHED: 9/23/2011

Objects of Interest- Feb 09

Angled Cutting HeadBIG Kaiser’s Slender Drive Angle Head allows for 90o cutting operations within bores as small as 30 mm with a maximum speed of up to 2,000 rpm.

PUBLISHED: 4/1/2009

Objects of Interest- April 09

Modular Conveyors for Harsh Production EnvironmentsThe TS 5 transfer system from Bosch Rexroth's Linear Motion and Assembly Technologies Group features a robust design, suitable for harsh production environments and heavy transport of loads up ...

PUBLISHED: 12/1/2008

Make It Happen. Now.


PUBLISHED: 5/1/2008

Objects of Interest: May 2008

Shop Floor CMMAvailable in three measuring ranges-20" x 24" x 16" to 30" x 40" x 24"-Sheffield Measurement's ( Discovery III coordinate measuring machine features hardened linear guides, lig...

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2008

Objects of Interest: March 2008

Compact Robotic SystemsNachi Robotic Systems ( Presto ST robotic series now includes the SC70L and ST100 multi-purpose models ideal for mounting new lightweight spot welding guns.

PUBLISHED: 3/1/2007

Objects of Interest - March 2007

Inert Atmosphere FurnaceThe No. 989 from Grieve Corp. (Round Lake, IL; can be used to process fabricated parts measuring 30 x 48 x 30 in.