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PUBLISHED: 4/25/2012

Haas CNC Lathe

 The ST-10Y turning center from Haas Automation, Inc. ( offers 4 in. of Y-axis travel (±2 in. from the centerline) so it can perform off-center milling, drilling, and tapping.

PUBLISHED: 11/21/2011

MSC Software’s Latest Release

SimXpert 2012 from MSC Software provides users with new capabilities for faster product development.

PUBLISHED: 11/16/2011

Software May Increase CNC Productivity

A solids-based CNC programming package, CAMWorks 2012, has been released by Geometric.

PUBLISHED: 10/21/2011

DuPont Impact-Resistant Resin for Interior Applications

According to DuPont Performance Polymers, its new low-emission Delrin 300TE acetal resin (POM) is suitable for use in interior application where high resistance to impact loads is required.

PUBLISHED: 10/20/2011

New Software for Material Selection

Granta Design has launched the latest version of its material information management system, GRANTA MI v. 5, with several new capabilities, including: Material substitution. Helps ID candidate replacement materials due to issues includ...

PUBLISHED: 9/23/2011

Objects of Interest- Feb 09

Angled Cutting HeadBIG Kaiser’s Slender Drive Angle Head allows for 90o cutting operations within bores as small as 30 mm with a maximum speed of up to 2,000 rpm.

PUBLISHED: 2/16/2011

Structural Plastics First

This little bracket may be the thin end of the wedge when it comes to more structural plastic use in vehicles.

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2010

CoroTurn HP Toolholder Features Coolant Jets

CoroTurn HP from Sandvik Coromant combines the Coromant Capto toolholder with high-pressure coolant jets to deliver fluid at up to 80 bars at the exact point of cut when combined with a negative insert in turning centers, vertical turning lathes, an...

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2010

Series 4000i Marking System

Series 4000i marking system.

PUBLISHED: 5/1/2010

Torque Multiplier Display Wrench

The Stanley Proto Torque Multiplier Display Wrench eliminates the need for manual calculation on a torque multiplier by measuring torque directly at the fastener with an accuracy of ± 1% in both directions.

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