Automakers Take Note

After the results of the 2012 study were released, car makers and their suppliers began to focus on choosing the typeface design in their HMIs. When asked specifically what additional research would help them the most, they expressed a strong interest in answers to the following:

  • Why were there gender differences in the 2012 study?
  • How does white-on-black text perform versus black-on-white text?
  • What legibility data and guidance can be provided for Chinese typefaces
    (and also Arabic and Japanese)?

Looking to provide answers to these questions, the research team set out to develop a more efficient, cost-effective study method for testing typeface legibility, one that would allow the team to more effectively examine many typefaces and eventually expand the research to include a multitude of typeface characteristics and presentation designs as they relate to typeface legibility in glance-based reading environments.

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