Reducing Part Costs with Longer Tool Life

To be competitive in today’s automotive market, manufacturers must focus on what matters most to their customers—part costs. While automation, machine performance and elimination of scrap are all excellent ways to reduce part cost, many companies frequently overlook the dramatic financial impact of tool life. On a per-order basis, the cost of tooling is seemingly negligible; however, extending those costs over the full length of a five-year production order can easily add up to thousands of dollars in production expenditures.

The most dynamic influence on tool life is the machine tool itself. Many standard production machining centers are not designed and constructed to properly manage deflection and vibration resulting from productive and competitive cutting conditions. This results in rapid tool degradation and excessive tool expenditures that eventually factor into the final cost per part.

Machine rigidity and vibration control are the key factors to extended tool life, which is why Makino designs its machining centers with heavy base castings, tiered axis columns and three-point leveling systems. Their proprietary spindles are built for speed and power and feature patented core-cooling technologies to minimize thermal distortion and vibration in the cut. No matter the production volume or material, Makino machines provide the stability and rigidity for automotive manufacturers to dramatically reduce tool expenditures for the lowest achievable cost per part.

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