Reliability Through Process Stability

Pressed by tight deadlines and exacting specifications, some of the biggest challenges that automotive manufacturers can encounter are unreliable processes and unexpected downtime. As such, they need machines and processes that are stable enough to handle punishing 24/7 production schedules, repeatable performance and maximum uptime.

In order to meet delivery and specification requirements, automotive manufacturers require long-term production reliability, which begins with the machine tool. If a machine goes down, the whole system goes down. This can be a huge detriment to manufacturers’ delivery schedules, particularly those that are running serial production processes. As such, automotive manufacturers must start their investments with a reliable machine tool supplier that offers exceptionally rugged equipment and unrelenting support.

Makino machining centers are designed and manufactured with productivity and reliability as fundamental attributes. With extra-rigid base castings and sophisticated thermal management of key machine components, these machining centers provide sustained dynamic accuracy and repeatability that reduce and eliminate rework and scrapped parts. With industry-leading design elements, such as one-piece way covers, Makino machines withstand even the harshest production environments with minimal maintenance required.

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