The Plex Manufacturing Cloud
Features Discrete Manufacturing Needs

Enterprise-wide Supply Chain Visibility
Plex offers manufacturers the first proven, end-to-end solution for MES, ERP and SCP delivered from a single cloud provider. The manufacturing shop floor will be linked through the ERP to suppliers and customers.

Powerful Supply-Chain Analytics
With Plex, big data will flow seamlessly from the shop floor for use in manufacturing planning - to be used by suppliers and customers for analytics via the IntelliPlex suite. Unprecedented master production scheduling (MPS), sales and operations planning (S&OP), demand planning, distribution requirements planning (DRP), capacity planning, and inventory planning and optimization can be yours via our unified cloud solution.

Flexible, Lean Production Practices
Kanban scheduling, heijunka load levels, and poka-yoke features.

Integral Barcoding and Printing
Capture every transaction to enable high resolution traceability and even print customer defined labels to streamline shipping and receiving.

Built-in Quality
Integral quality documentation using standard (AIAG) practices for document authoring including FMEAs, Control Plans, and in-process checksheets for real-time SPC analysis.

Real-Time Inventory
Automated data collection for high-resolution, error-proof, inventory tracking and traceability.

Supplier and Customer Portals
Connect the entire value chain into a single source of business knowledge by collaborating more effectively.

EDI (Included)
Conduct transactions with over 600 trading partners without an expensive add-on.

Tool Tracking
Complete tool management and maintenance to keep your facility in tip-top shape.

Real-time Dashboards
Monitor and report on any aspect of business from anywhere in the world.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
OEE results for efficiency, quality, and performance are automatically captured by production interfaces.

Planning and Scheduling
Update product schedules in real time, utilizing multiple planning methodologies.

Shop Floor Integration
Connections to shop-floor PLCs and other automation included.

Wireless Connectivity
Built-in support for wireless devices and connections to shop-floor PLCs and other automation.

Centralized Purchasing
Streamline your purchases for the enterprise through shared services for efficiency and economies of scale.

Effective Financial Management
Manage your business with flexible, comprehensive and auditable accounting controls and real-time reporting.

Hours Tracking
Automatically track employee hours by program or function.

Human Capital Management
Manage and empower your employees for productivity, control and regulatory compliance.