1/26/2012 | 2 MINUTE READ

On Mfg: Insert-style Drills; VMCs for Production Ops

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Insert-style Drills; VMCs for Production Ops


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Insert-style Drills

What: Small-diameter (13.5 mm) and large-diameter (60 to 120 mm) drills that deploy inserts for machining.
Who: Walter USA (walter-tools.com/us)
Why to Note: These new drills in the Walter Valenite Xtra-tec line allow drilling with the ability to swap out the inserts for reduced downtime in cutting operations.
Pertinent data: The small-diameter drill can handle depths up to 5xD. Uses size 1 inserts. The large-diameter types use inserts in a cartridge format. The standard version is 80 mm in diameter; it provides a 3xD depth of cut. The cartridge versions can machine steels (including stainless) and cast iron. Can drill into solid materials, and perform inclined drilling, spot drilling on convex surfaces, and chain drilling. The outer cartridge can be adjust to +0.6 mm to help achieve a precise hole diameter. The center cartridge uses PVD-coated tools. The outer cartridges can use various types of inserts (e.g., with wiper edges). The pocket for the cartridge is nickel-plated to resist wear. The shank of the drill body uses a modular NCT tool interface to accommodate use in various machine spindles.

Vertical Machining Center

What: Heavy-duty vertical machining center (VMC) featuring hardened and ground box ways for high rigidity of machining large workpieces.
Who: Chevalier Machinery (chevalierusa.com)
Important to note: When trying to achieve high productivity in large part machining (the QP-3572 has a table measuring 78.7 x 33.9 in and has a load capacity of 5,500 lb), it is important that the structure is sufficiently robust, which is why this machine was designed using finite element analysis, and features box ways that are also Turcite-B coated and hand scraped, as well as having a headstock design that is built to perform (the VMC has a heavy-duty, two-speed gear-type headstock).
Pertinent data: The QP-3572 offers X, Y, Z travel of 72.8, 35.4 and 30 in., respectively. Equipped with a 30-hp Fanuc spindle motor that provides speeds of 6,000 rpm and 451 lb-ft of torque at lower speeds. There is a CT50 spindle taper. The standard tool-
changer handles 24 tools. Maximum tool weight is 15 lb. Control is via the Fanuc 0i-MD.

Vertical Machining Centers for Production Ops

What: PS-Series vertical machining centers (VMCs) designed for production operations.
Who: Makino (makino.com)
Important to note: There are two models available in the PS-Series, the PS65 and the PS95, both of which come standard with a 33.5-hp, 14,000-rpm CAT 40 spindle and chip and coolant systems engineered to get chips out of the way fast for high-production machining.
Pertinent data: The PS65 features X, Y, Z travels of 26, 20, 18.1 in.; it is equipped with a 36.2 x 20-in. table with a workload capacity of 1,323 lb. The PS95 has X, Y, Z travels of 36.2, 20, 18.1 in.; it has a 46 x 20-in. worktable with a workload capacity of 1,763 lb. Both have a C-frame design and cast iron components for rigidity and torsional stiffness. The spindle, which provides 130 lb-ft of maximum torque, is fitted with large diameter bearings, air-oil lubrication, and jacket-spindle temperature control for thermal stability and chatter-free cutting.


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