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Waterjet; Stretch Wrapping; Face Milling for Cast Iron/Steel Components.


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Waterjet Production Machine


What: MWX3 waterjet cutting machine.
Who: Mitsubishi (mitsubishi-world.com)
Important to note: The MWX3 is designed for production applications, and for facilities that are new to abrasive-jet machining. It features a high-pressure S-50 KMT pump, which provides 60,000 psi of water traveling up to Mach 2 with 1.09 gpm of water consumption through a maximum orifice size of .013 in. The reciprocating hydraulic piston to ceramic water piston ratio is 20:1, pushing the water into an accumulator that maintains a smooth even flow to the cutting nozzle. It can be used to cut both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Pertinent data: The Mitsubishi 720 CNC control delivers advanced programming capabilities. It is controlled via a 15-in. waterproof screen, with improved graphics and NC design to simplify operation. A user-friendly menu and help functions guide the operator through both programming and workpiece setup.


Stretch Wrapping Machine


What: 87M orbital stretch wrap machine for wrapping oversized and oddly shaped palletized loads while they are on a forklift.
Who: Yellow Jacket (yellowjacket110.com)
Important to note: The horizontally positioned stretch wrap dispenser is readily moved around and under a load to secure it. A job ordinarily requiring two workers can be done by one. What’s more, the total wrapping time is significantly reduced compared to conventional approaches.
Pertinent data: The 87M is available in manual or semi-automatic options. An adjustable tensioner lets the operator regulate how tight the stretch wrap is applied based on the size of the load being secured. It has a footprint of about 8 ft. x 9 ft., and runs on 110 VAC from a wall outlet. It is able to wrap a standard pallet up to 68-in. diagonal in size.


Face Milling for Cast Iron and Steel Components


What: Helido S890 FSN right-hand indexable family of face mills.
Who: Iscar (iscar.com)
Important to note: Designed for rough and semi-finish face milling on cast iron and steel components.
Pertinent data: The tools have an 88º cutting edge angle (2° lead), enabling milling close to the sidewall. Available in a diameter range of 50- to 160-mm in coarse and fine-pitch configurations. The eight helical cutting edges are capable of a depth of cut up to 9 mm. Each cutter body includes coolant holes directed to the insert cutting edges. The square-shaped inserts (S890 SNMU 1305 PN) are produced from the SUMO TEC carbide grades, adding strength and tool longevity. The inserts’ cutting geometry and positive rake were developed for smooth milling with soft entry and exit.


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