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Objects of Interest - November 2007

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Electrical SealsPAVE Technology’s (www.pavetechnologyco.com) electrical seals are constructed from a space-saving modeled epoxy design with bulkhead piston O-rings sealing insulated, electrical or fiber optic wiring harnesses or pin connector combinations.


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Electrical Seals

PAVE Technology’s (www.pavetechnologyco.com) electrical seals are constructed from a space-saving modeled epoxy design with bulkhead piston O-rings sealing insulated, electrical or fiber optic wiring harnesses or pin connector combinations. The hermetic seal accommodates low- and high-pressure vacuum applications.


Water-Jet Machining

Knuth Machine Tools’ (www.knuth-usa.com) Hydro-Jet Eco water-jet machining center accommodates small production volumes utilizing pure water and abrasive cutting for precise cuts in various materials, including stainless steel, marble, granite, glass, ceramics, and plastics. The machine’s cold-cutting process provides distortion-free cuts and no thermal stress at the edges. Due to the fact that the Hydro-Jet Eco generates no cutting or grinding dust, chips, smoke or toxic fumes, it provides an environmentally-friendly option for cutting operations.


Laser Cutting Centers

Two new models of Cincinnati Inc.’s (www.e-ci.com) family of linear motor-drive laser cutting centers provide improved processing efficiency. The CL-840 and CL-825 feature Fanuc fast-axial flow resonators—4,000 watts of continuous power for the CL-840 and 2,500 watts for the CL-825—for tailored machine performance. Available in 5x10-ft. and 6x12-ft. cutting table sizes, both come standard with full guarding to reduce floor space needs. The dual-pallet quick-change design allows one pallet to be unloaded and reloaded while the second is being processed. The CL-840 processes mild steel up to 1-in. thick and stainless steel and aluminum up to 1/2-in. thick, while the CL-825 cuts mild steel up to 5/8-in. thickness and stainless and aluminum up to ¼-in. thick.


High-Temperature Bonding

Master Bond’s (www.masterbond.com) EP33 epoxy adhesive is designed for high-temperature bonding applications with the convenience of a room temperature cure. Producing high strength bonds exceeding 220 Kg/cm2 at temperatures in the 400-450oF range, curing can be accomplished in as little as 1 hour at 95oC while remaining resistant to thermal cycling, chemicals and most organic solvents. Adhesion to metal, glass, ceramics, wood, vulcanized rubber and plastic are ideal for electronic, construction, metalworking, automotive and chemical industry applications.


Horizontal Machining Center

Toyoda Machinery’s (www.toyodausa.com) FH1250SX horizontal machining center provides improved cutting power with more than 50% higher rapid traverse rates (1,655 IPM) than the previous-generation FA series. The 60-hp, 8,000-rpm spindle provides 737 lb.-ft. of torque, while the column of the FH1250SX features a dual ball screw design that surrounds the spindle housing for improved rigidity and accuracy. The work envelope is capable of handling workpiece sizes of 94.5 x 70.9-in. and a load capacity of 10,000-lb.


High Energy Impact Testing

Instron’s (www.instron.com) Dynatup 8100 Series is designed for high-energy impact testing solutions with impact energies up to 27,800 Joules and velocities of 7 m/sec. Designed for use in labs, steel mills, and foundries testing large steel or cast-iron specimens, the Dynatup 8100 testing system is equipped with the Impulse data acquisition system to capture, plot, and analyze the entire impact event, providing a comprehensive load and energy record for each test.


Modular CMM and Visioning Fixture

R&R Modular Fixtures (www.cmmfixture.com) feature a cast aluminum design with sizes ranging from 6 x 6-in. up to 60 x 120-in., making them among the largest fixture plates available. Base plates are built with NiTuff hard coat anodize for improved resistance to scratching along with improved wear performance. Alpha-numeric grid patterns on the base plates and labeled components allow for easy documentation and increased accuracy.


Measurement Systems

Mahr Federal’s (www.mahr.com) Digimar 817 CLM Height Measuring Instrument offers three modes for part measurement. Quick Mode allows the cycle to be initiated by pushing the carriage in the direction of the object to be measured, while two speed keys let the operator move the measuring carriage to the desired position to start a measurement. Teach-In Mode can be used to quickly design and store up to 40 measuring programs in either 1- or 2-D. An air bearing system provides smooth movement of the carriage, and its optical incremental measuring system—with double reader head—is resistant to dirt for improved accuracy. The Digimar 817 CLM is available in three column heights with measuring ranges of 14-in., 24-in., and 40-in.


Vertical Machining Center

Agie Charmilles’ (www.gfac.com/us) HSM 500 vertical machining center provides three-axis high-speed milling with the capability to handle workpieces up to 200 kg. Combined with an HSK-E40 tool interface and a vector-controlled motor spindle for short run-up and break times, the HSM 500 provides a high spindle output of 13 kW at 42,000 rpm with over 4.2 Nm of torque. Fitted with absolute optical linear scales on the X, Y, and Z axes, the center is capable of operating with a measuring step of 0.2 um.


Shop Floor CMM Machine

Xspect Solution’s (www.XspectSolutions.com) Smart Mini CMM machine features a measuring range of 300 x 450 x 400 mm. Has the ruggedness of a full-size shop floor CMM thanks to its use of fine grain native-black granite for improved thermal stability and vibration dampening. Smart Mini’s design includes covered precision linear guideways, carbon fiber scale mounts and a carbon fiber Z-axis utilizing Renishaw TP20 or TP200 probing systems with volumetric accuracy of 2.5 microns. 

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