Close Up: Mazak's Multifunctionals


One of the approaches to machining that Mazak Corp. ( has been promoting for the past few years is the "done-in-one" approach. Essentially, this means that rather than machining parts on several machines in sequence, parts are finished (or nearly so) on a single machine. Realize that in a machining operation the time of doing things other than removing metal (e.g., moving from one machine to another; queuing; waiting for tool changes) tends to be significantly greater than the job at hand (i.e., making parts), and this done-in-one method makes a whole lot of sense.

The Mazak INTEGREX i-150 is designated by the company as a "multitasking center." From the standpoint of the orientation of the main 5,000-rpm 5-hp spindle, horizontal, and a 6-in. through hole chuck, and the 2.56-in. bar capacity, one could nominally think of it as a turning center. But then that runs smack into the fact that there is an integral 10-hp, 12,000-rpm milling spindle that's mounted on the vertical, rotating B-axis, and things get a bit trickier nomenclature-wise. But at the end of the day (or shift) what really matters is the machine's capability, not what it is called. The B-axis has a roller cam, non-coupling design and an absolute feedback scale that provides not only highly accurate positioning, but five-axis contouring, as well, with a range of -10° to +190°. An interesting aspect of the machine that facilitates fully doing the job is the work-handling device that is sometimes used as an NC tailstock, and sometimes as a workholding vise that can pick up the part from the spindle, index it 45° or 90°, thereby permitting backside operations; it can also be used to unload finished parts onto a conveyor.

The machine has a rapid rate of 1,576 ipm in the X, Y, and Z axes (which are, respectively, 14.57, 7.87 and 17.13 in.) There is a standard 36-tool magazine that's front loaded for operator accessibility. Another benefit of this multi-capability machine: reduced floor space. The machine requires approximately 58-ft2.

For more straightforward but still rather impressive turning capability, there is the HYPER QUADREX 150 MSY, which is engineered to machine parts from 2.56-in. diameter barstock. This machine has two horizontally opposed spindles (main spindle has a 6-in. chuck, C-axis control, and 20-hp, 5,000-rpm turning capacity; the opposite has a 15-hp, 6,000-rpm turning capacity, and a 2-in. bar capacity) and two tool turrets (each handling 12 VDI-type tools) that have X, Y, and Z motions, and 7.5-hp, 6,000 rpm live spindles for milling, drilling and tapping operations.

The HYPERQUADREX 150 MSY has a 12.6-in. swing, 11.4-in. maximum machining diameter, and a 24.2-in. machining length. The machine provides a 0.0002-in. positioning accuracy in all axes; the repeatability is 0.00004-in. on X and Z and 0.00008 in. on Y. The C-axis accuracy is 15 arc seconds with a ±5 arc second repeatability.