Will Adient Take Flight?

Adient puts seats in more than 25-million vehicles per year.

Adient puts seats in more than 25-million vehicles per year. The vehicles in question, of course, are cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

But the company may supplement that, as it has announced that it is collaborating with Boeing on looking into the potential of supplying seating and other interior amenities for commercial aircraft.

What’s interesting to note is that Boeing is the world’s largest airplane manufacturer and Adient is the world’s largest seating and systems supplier for the auto industry.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have this kind of comfort in a commercial airliner?

As anyone who has spent any time of airplanes knows, a primary factor in airplane seating is reduced mass. (Comfort seems to take a place somewhere on the list, but it isn’t evident how far down that list.)

A key consideration for current automotive seating development is light-weighting, as well, although significantly higher marks have to go to the people in the auto industry who realize that their products won’t sell particularly well if the seats in their vehicles are painful, not pleasant.

Noted Adient chairman and CEO Bruce McDonald, “Through discussions with Boeing, we believe there’s an opportunity for Adient to raise the bar on the aviation passenger experience, building on our leadership in the automobile seat market.”

And we believe that McDonald is right.