The BLOODHOUND Disassembled

This is the BLOODHOUND: Yes, it is a rocket car.

This is the BLOODHOUND:


Yes, it is a rocket car. But it is a hybrid rocket car. That’s because in addition to the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine and cluster of Nammo rockets, it has a 550-hp supercharged Jaguar V8. Maybe they need something to run the alternator for the gauges.

All in, they’re looking at some 135,000 thrust horsepower.

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Anyway, the BLOODHOUND, which is being built in Bristol, UK, is intended to break the land-speed record sometime in 2016. The current record was set in 1997 by the Thrust SSC, a vehicle developed by Richard Noble and driven by Andy Green. That vehicle achieved 763 mph.

It so happens that the project director for BLOODHOUND is Richard Noble. You can guess who the driver will be.

The objective for the BLOODHOUND speed-wise is to hit 1,000 mph.

The objective for the development of the BLOODHOUND is to engage students in primary and secondary schools in the excitement of automotive (and arguably aerospace) engineering.

The car consists of a titanium upper chassis, carbon-fiber monocoque and cabin, and some 3,497 other parts, not counting the 22,500 aerospace-rivets.

Here’s the car and driver Andy Green (if you didn’t guess it earlier, looks like you’ve got it now) in a fundamental state:


Photo by Stefan Marjoram

Wonder if they have an instruction book to put it together?