Fiat Panda: Two Million

When you think “Fiat” you think “Italy,” right?

When you think “Fiat” you think “Italy,” right?

Think again.

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Yesterday, the Fiat Auto Poland plant in Tychy produced its 2,000,000th Fiat Panda.


The car was launched at the plant in 2003. The A-class vehicles produced there are marketed in 78 countries. It is proven to be a popular model, as in its size class it had the largest market share in both Italy (35.3%) and in Europe (16.8%), from January to June and January to May, respectively.

The Tychy plant has been building cars since 1992. During this period of time it has manufactured 6.2-million vehicles.

According to Fiat, “it is one of the most modern plants in the worldwide automotive industry.”

The 2,000,000th car, incidentally, has a 75-hp, 1.3-liter MultiJet engine under its Pasodoble Red hood.