Camilo Pardo Talks Design

Camilo Pardo is an artist and fashion designer.

Camilo Pardo is an artist and fashion designer. Pardo has a studio in downtown Detroit where his paintings and graphic design works are created and are on display.

Oh, and Pardo worked for over 20 years at Ford. As a car designer.

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And it should probably be mentioned that one of the cars that Pardo led the design on was the Ford GT. First the concept of 2002. Then the production vehicle (2005-06).


More recently, Pardo won (“This is the first time I’ve ever won anything”) the “Motor City Masters” design-based reality show that aired earlier this year on TruTV.

Pardo is particularly enthused by things that go fast. By things that have forms that are not merely suited to purpose, but which have a fundamental expression to them.

And Pardo talks about design—his own, as well as designs executed by others (the final challenge on “Motor City Masters” was based on developing the next Camaro, and GM design chief Ed Welburn; Chevy sponsored the show)—and various other subjects with John McElroy of “Autoline,” Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, and me on this installment of “Autoline After Hours.”

In addition to which, I interview Scott Pak, Nissan senior project planning manager, about the 2015 Murano.

You can check it out here: