11/17/2011 | 2 MINUTE READ

Cadillac XTS—Size Matters, But How Much?

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Cadillac needs a big(ger) car.


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Cadillac needs a big(ger) car. Right now, the CTS Sedan is as big as it gets. It has a 113.4-in. wheelbase, a 191.3-in. overall length, and its width and height are 72.5 in. and 58 in., respectively. There were the DTS and the STS, both of which are bigger than the CTS. As in:

                                                DTS                                 STS

Wheelbase (in.)                         115.6                               116.4

Length                                       207.6                              196.3

Width                                        74.8                                 72.6

Height                                       57.6                                 57.6

But those two cars are out of production.

In the spring of 2012, Cadillac will be bringing the XTS to market, which will be positioned above the CTS.


While the company emphasizes the technology that it will be bringing to bear on the XTS—everything from an advanced Haldex all-wheel-drive system to the debut of the new CUE Cadillac infotainment system—it is really emphasizing that this car is bigger than what is presently available vis-à-vis Cadillac sedans.

To wit:

“The XTS is also the most-spacious Cadillac sedan. . . . It offers more interior space than midsize luxury cars [which is sort of an odd statement, given that it is in the EPA full-size sedan category, so one would presume that it would be bigger] and comparable to full-size sedans [see previous comment], particularly in the rear seat area, where it has 40 inches (1,016 mm) of rear legroom. That’s about four more inches than the BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class and about two more inches than the Audi A6—and comparable to larger sedans.

“And when it comes to trunk space, the XTS is in a league of its own, with 18 cubic feet (509 L), exceeding both midsize and full-size competitors—more than Audi A6 and A8L, BMW 5 and 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz E- and S-Class.)”

Evidentially, the XTS has a capacious cargo capacity.


Which got us to thinking: the car is to be manufactured at the GM Oshawa Assembly Plant. The Chevrolet Impala had been built in the plant. So let’s look at some more dimensions:

                                           XTS                                                             Impala

Wheelbase (in)                      111.7                                                            110.5

Length                                   202                                                               200.4

Width                                    72.9                                                              72.9

Height                                   59.1                                                              58

Here’s an interesting thing about all this. As mentioned, the XTS offers cargo volume of 18 cubic feet. But the Impala offers a cargo volume of 18.6 cubic feet.

Somehow, boasting about trunk capacity—given that Impala is (or was, as unless you’re a police person, there is no Impala in the 2012 lineup) pretty much the official car of travelling sales folks because of its roominess for people and stuff—doesn’t seem to be the luxurious differentiator that Cadillac is boasting it to be.

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