Rolls on a Roll


Although the 2008 car sales of most every vehicle manufacturer were anemic at best and more typically devastated, it should not go without mention that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars had a banner year. In ’08 the company sold—world-wide—1,212 vehicles, which is a 20% increase from the 1,010 it retailed in ’07. Now while you might think to yourself that a typical auto plant might run 60 jobs per hour and that the 1,212 vehicles could be handled within three eight-hour days, note well that at Goodwood things are done a bit differently. More carefully. Slowly. Deliberately. And presumably, profitably. That is, the Phantom saloon and the Phantom Extended Wheelbase models accounted for more than half of the sales. The price of the former is $359,000 and the latter $426,000—not including tax and delivery charge. By the way: North America, the place where ordinary car sales were so sick, accounted for 38% of Rolls sales, the single biggest market.