3/27/2014 | 1 MINUTE READ

High-volume Grinding of Small Precision Parts

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Sometimes smaller really is better, and sometimes two is better than one. 

That’s the philosophy behind the new United Grinding (grinding.com) Studer S11 cylindrical grinding machine, which is designed to grind small precise parts such as turbocharger rotors and fuel injection needles for diesel engines. And, Martin Habegger, the S11 project manager, says the grinder is built with robust components such as a Granitan base and the ability for automation to be added, so that it can produce small precision parts in volume. What’s more, it’s compact, occupying 19.4 ft² of floor space. Habegger says that two S11 machines can fit in the same space as a conventional cylindrical grinder, and those two machines will produce 130% more parts than a single larger machine. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the S11:
•    The machine processes parts up to 7.87 in. in length, 2 in. in diameter, and 6.6 lb. in weight
•    The S11 is equipped with a 6-hp water-cooled grinding spindle motor with a 19.7-in. diameter grinding wheel. The wheelhead can be set at 0° or 20°. A cutting speed 
of 2,480 in./s can be attained.
•    The machine has a center height of 5 in. 
•    Slide travels (X, Z ) are 8.3 in. with a speed of up to 1,180 ipm and a resolution of 0.4 µin.
•    Component actuation is performed electrically or pneumatically without using hydraulics
•    A Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL provides control
•    The machine has a three-stage door concept to provide optimal accessibility and allow for manual loading. A main door offers three opening stages. Stage one opens up minimally and is intended for manual loading or checking a workpiece. Stage two opens further to allow access to table-mounted accessories from the top. The third stage allows a lower front panel to drop down to open up full access to the front of the machine during setups.