Full-Body NVH Simulation

Full-vehicle noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) simulation through NVH Director from Altair Engineering.



Full-vehicle noise-vibration-harshness (NVH) simulation can be performed more quickly and efficiently through NVH Director from Altair Engineering (altairhyperworks.com) because, according to the company, it integrates meshing, assembly, loadcase setup, and post-processing. It operates in an object-oriented environment so that subsystem representations, 3D disply, FE entity ID numbering, connection properties, and assembly definition can be handled in a modularized manner.

Explains Jianmin Guan, Altair’s senior program manager for noise, vibration, and harshness, “NVH Director simplifies full-vehicle simulation. It enables engineers to employ CAE to drive product design, with mathematical cause-effect relationships that generate a full understanding of physical root causes and with the ability to identify sensitive parameters through quick what-if studies. NVH Director clearly identifies the receiver of source-path vibrations, and the most effective solutions often come from reducing the source of vibrations. In the end, NVH Director significantly lessens physical testing by running many iterations in CAE simulation, and it improves the value of testing by helping the engineer learn more from simulation.”