A New Twist

Maybe it's the name.

Maybe it's the name. Maybe it's the piece of art that came with the press release. Either way, Dana Corp.'s (Toledo, OH; www.dana.com) "MultiTwister" air/oil separator is "an axial cyclonic separator that extracts oil particles from the engine air stream during operation for cleaner combustion." This means the double helix "twister channels" spin the oil mist in tight spirals along their length to create turbulence and pressure that forces oil droplets against the channel walls and returns them to the crankcase. The particulates, on the other hand, coalesce on the channels. Dana says it can integrate the MultiTwister into its thermoset and thermoplastic cylinder head covers, which prevents freezing in extreme weather. Plus, by preventing the oil from entering the combustion chamber where it would be burned, emissions are reduced and the life of major components (turbochargers, catalysts, inlet valves, carbon particulate filters, etc.) is increased.