A New, Stronger Alloy for Aluminum Truck Wheels


Alcoa (alcoa.com) has more than 60 years of experience making forged aluminum wheels for trucks. Here’s a quick history lesson: 

1948: Alcoa develops the first forged aluminum automotive wheel, using an alloy originally developed for the aerospace industry 

1968: Alcoa introduces the “6061” alloy specifically for automotive wheels—an alloy that continues to be used by forged aluminum wheel manufacturers around the globe

2013: Alcoa develops a new alloy for truck wheels that it says is significantly stronger, so it can be used to make lighter components.

Called “MagnaForce,” it is 16.5% stronger on average than the 6061 alloy, when used in similar applications.

The company spent two years developing the new alloy.  It will be used for a new “state-of-the-art wheel” due this year, Alcoa says.  MagnaForce will be used to manufacture wheels for trucks and other large commercial vehicles to help increase fuel efficiency. 

“Our MagnaForce alloy today opens the door to production of the strongest, lightest wheels to increase fleet payload, improve fuel efficiency and enhance sustainability,” says Tim Myers, president of Alcoa wheel and transportation products.