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As Seen In Automotive Design & Production

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America thinks that by providing information about what an automated driving system is “seeing” can make the occupants feel more confident while being transported. In this setup there are three screens: a vertically oriented 10.2-inch screen in the center and two horizontal 12.3-inch screens, one in front of the driver and one for the passenger. Information from the sensor array can be displayed for the driver and passenger in real time.

Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America’s Approach to Building Trust in Autonomy
Let’s face it: turning over the driving tasks to sensors, computers and actuators may be technically feasible, but seriously uncomfortable for the occupants in the vehicle. Here’s one approach that can help mitigate the discomfort.

One of the challenges that some OEMs are facing with increased applications in their vehicles is that sometimes there needs to be updates which can be inconvenient for the customers of those vehicles, as either they have to go to their dealership for the update or they get a thumb drive and are expected to do the work, two things that aren’t exactly expected of them with their smartphones or tablets, when updates generally take no more heavy lifting than touching the screen.