Adient Emerges

This long-time interior supplier is now a brand-new company that’s looking at things in a whole different way.

March 2017 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

Engine Evaluation from the Inside

Predictive Fleet Technologies claims its software can look inside an engine to diagnose its health. However, it may be more valuable in the design, development and assembly phases.

March 2017 - Christopher A. Sawyer , Contributing Editor

Pieces of Plastic

Notable developments and uses of polymers, from turbochargers to oil pans to...yes, the Batmobile.

March 2017

Simulating Injection Molding Gets Even Better

New injection molding software can simulate—and analyze.

March 2017 - Lawrence C. Boyd, Jr.

The Toyota Concept-i: Driving 2030

Not all people think that the future of automobiles consists of undifferentiated pod-like structures that will contain people like just so much cargo. Ian Cartabiano and his colleagues at Calty are among them, so they’ve created Concept-i.

March 2017 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief