Electronic Work Instructions Aid Quality

Providing electronic instructions not only helps operators, but because changes can be automatically made in case of quality glitches, they can maintain production flow.

September 2017 - Ray Chalmers , Contributing Editor

Inspection Software Advances

What more can be done to metrology software? 
Plenty, as this round of new features shows in the 
2017 versions of three inspection software packages.

September 2017 - Lawrence S. Gould , Contributing Editor

Nissan Goes to Level 2

With the ProPILOT Assist system, Nissan is combining intelligent cruise control and 
a steering assistance system to help facilitate driving on limited-access expressways.

September 2017

The 2018 Toyota Camry: Goodbye Vanilla

The advertising tagline that Toyota’s been using is “Let’s Go Places.” The eighth-generation Camry is going places where the mass-market midsize sedan has rarely traveled.

September 2017 - Gary S. Vasilash , Editor-in-Chief

The Sonata: A Forward Design with a Backward Glance

The midsize sedan segment may be down but it is far from being out. To make its midsize more appealing, Hyundai has made a “maximum refresh” for the Sonata.

September 2017

ZF: The Future is Now

This supplier is working hard to develop the digital, electrical and electronic technologies necessary to supplement the mechanical systems that it already provides in order to meet the needs of a rapidly transforming industry.

September 2017