What Would Sheldon Drive?

Gary S. Vasilash

As viewers of “The Big Bang Theory” know, cars don’t play much of a role in the lives of the characters. According to a wiki dedicated to the Big Bang, Penny drives “an old red Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet,” which seems about right. It is hard to imagine Leonard, Howard, Raj, or certainly not Sheldon rolling in a premium vehicle of any kind.

As viewers of the show also know, the guys are big on comic books. They’d be all about something like the forthcoming Marvel movie The Avengers.

Acura RDX Avengers Commercial

But while they’d undoubtedly buy T-shirts emblazoned with the likenesses of Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America, would it drive them to buy a car or crossover?

Would it?

Why Acura is co-promoting its vehicles in this corner of the Marvel Universe is puzzling. It seems unlikely that the comic fan boys would be moved to go to their local Acura vehicle regardless of what Nick Fury drives.

However, a web-based game that the companies have collaborated on is something that they’d undoubtedly spend hours on. You can see it here.