VIDEO: Bar Puller Assists Untended Operation

Automation can bring speed and consistency to many different manufacturing operations. When it can be added with relatively minimal expense, the move seems even more compelling.

A bar puller can be added to a CNC lathe or turning center for increased productivity through unattended operation. They are far less expensive than bar feeders and are generally easy to set up and use.

The EZ-Puller from Accudyne Corporation (Englewood, Colo.) is a self-adjusting bar puller that allows the programmer or setup person to change bar sizes in the machine without having to manually adjust the tool arms. These arms, in turn, apply force to circular grippers at the ends of the arms. The grippers rotate only under extreme load and have a serration geometry that generates minimal stock penetration while providing strong grip for accurate pull. The bar puller is designed for round, hex and square stock of various sizes.

To set the tool for gripping and pulling barstock, the tool is moved in the Z axis until the grippers are at least 0.150 inch past the end of the stock. Then they are moved in the X axis until the grippers are on centerline with the material being pulled. A standard pull cycle is then initiated.

Watch the video to see the bar puller in operation.