UK’s Nasmyth Group Acquires California-based Technical Metal Finishing



Nasmyth Group has acquired of California-based Technical Metal Finishing to create Nasmyth TMF, offering a range of metal surface finishing capabilities including precision masking, anodizing and chemical film coatings, passivation, painting and non-destructive testing.


Peter Smith, Chairman and CEO of Nasmyth Group, said these processes complement those offered by Nasmyth Group’s four metal surface finishing businesses in the United Kingdom providing precise, aerospace industry and Nadcap-approved treatments for metals. He said the ability to address the requirements of major U.S. aerospace companies through the provision of such processes makes Nasmyth TMF a valuable addition to the comprehensive capabilities that Nasmyth Group already has in these technologies.


“There are numerous opportunities offered by this acquisition and the establishment of Nasmyth TMF,” said Chris Sosa, Nasmyth TMF’s General Manager. “These range from technology transfers in both directions, through expansion resulting from the introduction of new customers, to the further development of new processes and the funding of future growth.”


Craig Hanriot, the former owner of TMF, will be working with the global Nasmyth team to identify and develop new metal finishing opportunities in the USA, Europe and Asia.


“Continued strategic expansion forms one cornerstone of our ongoing strategy to strengthen the Group’s worldwide presence and provide our customers with continuously enhanced, fully integrated, precision engineering solutions on a global scale,” Smith said.


Established in 2003, Nasmyth Group brings together as an effective team the collective expertise, resources and technology of 14 customer-orientated, precision engineering businesses located in the UK, the US and India. The Group’s Head Office is in Coventry, UK.