Think—and Look—Fast

Gary S. Vasilash


Quick: What was the second-best selling car in the U.S. last year?

We’ll admit it. We didn’t know, either.

It was the Nissan Altima.

2012 Nissan Altima

The fourth-generation car went on sale back in November 2006 as a model year 2007 product.  And yet there it was, second in sales in 2011, 268,981 units sold, even though it is chronologically on, so to speak.  What’s more, with the sales numbers in for February, Altima is up 48.4% compared to where it was last year at this time (so far this year, 55,310 Altimas have been moved), so it is still going strong.

The Altima is manufactured by Nissan in its plants in Smyrna, TN, and Canton, MS; the engines are produced at the company’s facility in Dechard, TN.

Nissan will be bringing to market a new Altima later this year.

Apparently, it is going to be more aero. More slippery. Or that’s what we can discern from this: