Subaru BRZ Concept-STI: With Bodywork

With all of those tender advertisements (“Love.

With all of those tender advertisements (“Love. It’s a Subaru.”) and seemingly inexorable sales rises, it is all too easy to think of Subaru as a company that makes sensible mainstream(ish) cars, forgetting that it is also the company that produces the WRX STI Limited, a car that can make your gums bleed when you get on the throttle.

Subaru will unveil a concept version of its forthcoming BRZ sports car (which will be produced along with the Scion FR-S in spring 2012) at the LA Auto Show.

Here’s what the Concept-STI looks like with skin:


There are the Subaru-specific hexagonal front grille, “hawk-eye” headlights, and fin-shaped fog lights. The color, “WR Blue Pearl II,” is a variant of the paint that is familiar to STI enthusiasts. The roof is carbon fiber, to help keep the center of gravity low.

Under the hood is a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder horizontally opposed four-cylinder boxer engine with a direct-injection fuel system.

The exterior dimensions are: 166.7-in. long, 101.2-in. wheelbase, 70.9-in. wide, and 50.4-in. high.

The production model will be Subaru’s first production rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

And we’re betting a whole lot of people are going to love it.