Renault Vehicles from the 20th Century

Gary S. Vasilash

If you happen to be in Paris today (or through the weekend), you might want to check out the 2013 Rétromobile Show at Porte de Versailles, where there will be an array of vintage vehicles on display, including several that are not what one might ordinarily associated with vintage cars.

Among them are various Renaults from back in the day. Like this:

Renault Sweeper

It’s a Type DM road sweeper from 1913. Who would have thought that municipal services go back 100 years?

Then there’s this:

Renault Type MH

That’s a six-wheel Renault Type MH from 1924. That vehicle was developed for purposes of crossing the Sahara. There was a specific objective, which was to allow transportation between Algeria and French West Africa.

And there’s this:

Renault Alliance

Some of you might actually recall seeing this, the Renault Alliance Cabriolet from 1986. The Alliance was actually produced in a plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which was, back then, an American Motors factory. American Motors entered into an alliance with Renault back in 1979 (actually, Renault was the dominant of the two). In 1987, this arrangement came to an end, when Chrysler bought American Motors.