Paying it Forward

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow discusses the new jobs training initiative with Peter Loetzner, CEO of EMAG L.L.C., a major machine tool supplier to the automotive market.  



We all know that Detroit is undergoing rough times. However, there are good things happening in and around the Motor City. To be sure, some of these organic initiatives involve co-operation between business and government.

In our republic, when it works as designed, those elected to represent us are supposed to give voice to needs of the constituents. 

The senator is introducing legislation in Congress, called New Skills for New Jobs, and would involve federal matching funds to support Michigan and other states that have begun helping community colleges and local businesses to create more job training and retraining opportunities.

It takes participation from all vested parties--education, industry and government--to overcome the inertia of doing nothing. EMAG, major machine tool supplier to the automotive, off-highway and energy sectors of North America, is stepping up to the plate to help establish some momentum in helping match the right skills with available jobs--certainly an effort that those of us involved in manufacturing should get behind.