Name This Car

Gary S. Vasilash

Quick—what brand is this car?

Chrysler Ypsilon 1

If you guessed Chrysler, then give yourself a pat on the back.

Some of you may be a little more discerning. Some of you may realize that this car, the Ypsilon, is actually the Lancia Ypsilon.

But it isn’t known as such in the U.K., where the picture was taken. The so-called “supermini” five-door is a Chrysler in that country. After all, as Fiat owns both Lancia and Chrysler, it can name its products whatever it wants wherever it wants.

How small is the Ypsilon? 151.2-in. long and 65.75-in. wide.

The car can be equipped with three engines, two gasoline (a 1.2-liter and a 0.9-liter—yes, this is supermini) and one diesel (1.3-liter turbo diesel).

One interestingly named option is “Magic Parking,” which is a parking system that uses radar sensors in the front bumper and wheel speed sensors to measure the length of a parking space and if there is an additional 15.7 in. at the front and rear, then the vehicle will automatically park itself.

While there are parking systems of this type available on a number of U.S. vehicles, parallel parking in places like London are demanding even for drivers of superminis.

Chrysler Ypsilon 2