More Tools for Swiss-Types

Iscar is expanding its line of cutting tools designed for use on Swiss-type automatic and CNC machine tools. 

Iscar is expanding its line of square-shank toolholders for Swiss-type automatics and CNC machine tools by adding new tools for high pressure coolant and also tools without the internal coolant feature. The new offerings include tools for ISO standard screw-clamped and lever-lock rhombic 80-degree (C-type), 55-degree (D-type) and 35-degree (V-type) inserts, all with 7-degree positive flank relief inclination.

Due to the confined space and tight arrangement of the tools inside Swiss-type machines, the tools feature small shank sizes with insert cutting edges “in line” with the shank to avoid collision. The Swiss-type automatics and CNC machines are widely used in medical, aerospace, automotive, electronics and general metalworking – and for machining complex, precision parts with a length-to-diameter ratio that is subject to deflection in the turning process. The new tools can be used for longitudinal, face and profiling applications on small-diameter parts.

Moreover, the use of high pressure coolant is growing as manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce cutting time, improve machining process reliability and achieve longer tool life. Shorter chips are easily managed, and they do not tangle around the workpiece or machine parts, so there is no need to stop the process frequently.

Usually, in conventional cooling, the chip prevents the coolant from reaching the insert rake face in the cutting zone. The coolant stream of the Swiss-specific tools is directed precisely between the insert rake face and the flowing chip. This results in longer tool life and a much more reliable process.