Magna’s Capable Concept

Gary S. Vasilash


Magna International has a wide range of capabilities as an automotive supplier, ranging from interior systems to body and chassis systems, from powertrains to closures. It has over 107,000 employees and 286 manufacturing operations. It has designers. It has engineers. It has a full suite of capabilities. Which pretty much makes it as big as or bigger than some automotive OEMs.

And one of its subsidiaries, Magna Steyer, operates as, among other things, a contract manufacturer of vehicles: it has produced approximately 2.5-million vehicles, 21 different models.

So it is not entirely surprising that in order to show what it can do, Magna Steyer has developed a concept vehicle that it is showing at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, the MILA Coupic.

MAGNA INTERNATIONAL INC. - Magna Steyr Unveils 3-in-1 Vehicle

The Coupic takes the Certs approach (breath mint/candy mint) one step further: It is a two-door SUV, which Magna Steyr call a “coupe,” that has a convertible top and which can also be used as a pickup.

The convertible part is to demonstrate its roof system prowess. There are two independent, electronically controlled soft-top folding roof modules, each with embedded transparent glass elements. Front passengers can have the open top while the rear passengers are covered, vice versa, or both open or closed.

As for the pickup truck part: the rear seat module can be folded upward so that it seals the front cabin and opens up a cargo area, which is enhanced by the possibility of opening the roof area over the cargo bed.

We’re hoping that this truly is a design and engineering demonstrator and little more because we have two vehicles to keep in mind:

--2011 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

--2004 GMC Envoy XUV with Midgate system.