Luxury, Sports Cars & Spreadsheets

What is luxury?

What is luxury? Seems like in the auto world, every company is working toward providing some sort of it, be it “near-luxury,” “ultra-luxury,” “everyday luxury,” “demi-luxury”. . . . Meanwhile, the companies that are ostensibly luxury purveyors are busy trying to spread their market coverage in a way that leads to a leveling: If everything is luxury, then is anything luxury?



Porsche 911 50th Anniversary

What is the best-designed sports car today? What vehicle provides the look of sensuous performance in ways that are completely captivating? Is this something that happens to be wholly within the realm of storied Italian studios, or are there others who have nailed it?

What are the consequences of companies that are managing their product portfolios primary by checking off boxes and filling in spreadsheets? Are they able to make true luxury cars? Are they designing world-class sports cars?

These questions and a wide array of others are pondered, argued about, and even sometimes answered on this edition of “Autoline After Hours.” Here Peter DeLorenzo, the Autoextremist, Todd Lassa of Automobile, Jim Hall of “Autoline Design Handbook,” and Gary Vasilash of, well, this, look into these topics and an array of others.

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