Is Hand-Building the Future of the U.S. Auto Industry?

In case you missed it yesterday, Thomas A.

In case you missed it yesterday, Thomas A. Crumm, retired GM exec with decades of experience in manufacturing, and author of What Is Good for General Motors?: Solving America’s Industrial Conundrum (Algora Publishing), was interviewed on Autoline Detroit by host John McElroy, editor Drew Winter, and your writer of this.

Briefly, Mr. Crumm is anti-assembly line.  He thinks that it is highly inefficient and that getting away from it would be the best thing the U.S. auto industry could do.  He is a strong believer in the approach that carriage builders of his grandfathers’ day pursued.  He thinks that it would be beneficial to have a team in a single room produce an entire car.

While that might be an intriguing approach, there is an abiding question: Would anyone be able to afford to buy products that are built like this, Rolls-Royce buyers notwithstanding.

You might want to check it out.