Horsepower and Logos

Gary S. Vasilash

Just one glance at a NASCAR race shows you that there is a proliferation of commercial support, from bath soap to energy drinks, from hand tools to website domain firms. Looking at the drivers’ fire suits can lead to speculation as to whether even if they weren’t made with Nomex or some other NASA-like fabric, the drivers would be protected from flames by the multitudinous sponsor patches.

Ricky Bobby

Not all sports related to horsepower provide the same level of logo opportunities as NASCAR does. Like last Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

But as the old saying goes, driving suits abhor a vacuum, and so Maserati took advantage of the situation, and on the riding silks of a number of riders, including Derby winner Joel Rosario, who wrote Orb, there was found the trident logo of the Italian brand.


Clever how the mud missed the message.