Ford Hits Manufacturing Milestone

Gary S. Vasilash

If you want a great sense of what “mass production” really means—and we’re talking about mass production of what is arguably one of the most complex products produced—then consider these facts from Ford, developed to mark its production of 350-million vehicles in 109 years:

350-million vehicles in 109 years =

  • 8,797 vehicles every day
  • 367 vehicles every hour
  • 6 vehicles every minute
  • 1 vehicle every 10 seconds

If you want a great sense of what “global production” means, then realize that the vehicle that Ford calculated to be the one that got the banner treatment and the photo op with John Fleming, Ford executive vice president of global manufacturing, last week, a Focus, was in Rayong, Thailand, which is located about 120 miles southeast of Bangkok, not the Michigan Assembly Plant, where the Focus is also built, and which is about 10 miles west of Ford World Headquarters:

Ford Thailand