Chip Foose and the Rocket Chemical Company

Gary S. Vasilash

Chip Foose, hot rod designer extraordinaire, partnered with WD-40, the company that makes the lubricant and protector of that same name, to create a special pickup truck that was auctioned at this years Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction and raised $170,000 for two SEMA Cares charities, Childhelp and Victory Junction.

Chip Foose WD-40 2

Foose started with a stock1953 Ford F-100, then made exterior and under-the-hood modifications, while maintaining the look of the classic original. There are updates to the drive train, suspension, wheels, tires and paint.

You’ll notice the “Rocket Chemical Company” logos that were hand-painted on the side of the truck. That’s the original name of the WD-40 company.

Chip Foose WD-40 1

Giving a shout-out to this veritable Swiss-army-knife-in-a-can*, Foose said, “It was a pleasure building a truck that commemorates one of the most iconic American products, one I’ve personally used in my shop more than any other tool.”

*Check this list of what people have used WD-40 for—it is probably the most remarkable, and sometimes puzzling (i.e., who would have thought of using it in these ways), list you are ever likely to read.