Be a Mentor and Make a Difference in Manufacturing

Robin Rutschilling, Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc.

I am sitting at my desk preparing my day, and this thought came to me: Who trained you?

My mentors go back to the 1970s, working with my father in his saw mill, which helped develop my work ethic and safety awareness.

As I progress 35 years, I think about the key contributors along the way—Tom Nelson, Lee Fuller, Bill Clippard and Bob Clippard. The question I am having trouble answering today is, “Who am I training, and am I helping people as much as my mentors helped me?”

This morning, I am going to our local high school for a trades’ competition. These students have worked diligently with their instructors and volunteers (mentors) to prepare for this competition.

I am thinking about what many of our shops need, what they think about this young talent waiting to be guided in our shops, and more importantly, what they are doing to develop their talent. The first two things that come to my mind are training and education.

The PMPA’s Technical Program Committee has put together a program for our National Technical Conference that is focused on training and education.

This year’s conference is in Indianapolis April 5-8, and is going to be full of opportunities to train and educate our staffs. I am challenging myself to meet everyone in attendance at this conference. I would love to hear how you have been mentored and how you are making an impact on the people around you. Networking is part of the conference that I have gained the most from.

Who trained you? Who mentored you? Who are you training? Who are you mentoring? If you love manufacturing as I do, you will have answers to these four questions.

“Education, mentorship and experience will take mediocre and make them good; will make the good great; and make the great world class!”— David Thuro, president, Thuro Metal Products Inc. 


Originally posted at blog.