Audi Exhibits the Future

Gary S. Vasilash

Wonder what the future of mobility will look like?

Happen to be in Ingolstadt, Germany today? (Or through March 17, 2013?)

If so, then head over to the Audi museum, where a special exhibition is on display, “Audi future lab: mobility.”

Audi R18 e-tron quattro

Audi is working hard at developing vehicles that use alternative fuels and modes of propulsion; consider only the R 18 e-tron quattro, the Le Mans-winning hybrid vehicle that features a 510-hp turbocharged diesel V6 along with an electric flywheel accumulator, motor generator on the front axle, and lithium-ion batteries. It is things like this that are pushing the technology forward, which will eventually manifest itself in vehicles that are available to people who, well, commute, not race.

The exhibition includes a variety of powertrain approaches, with a particular focus on electrification. There are displays on different types of fuel (e.g., bio-fuels), as well as on urban transport alternatives for the burgeoning cities of tomorrow.

Also featured are concepts, such as this, the Spyder, which is designed as an urban vehicle:

Audi Future

Somehow with those wheels outboard from the body of the car, it sort of looks like “The Car of Tomorrow” as visualized in a distant yesterday.