Audi: 20 Million Engines Produced & Counting

When you think “Audi” and places, you probably think “Ingolstadt,” not Györ, Hungary.

When you think “Audi” and places, you probably think “Ingolstadt,” not Györ, Hungary.

Yet Audi runs a substantial manufacturing complex there, and last Friday, Audi Hungaria celebrated the production of their 20-millionth engine. The engine in question is a 2.0-liter, 170-hp four-cylinder, common-rail diesel that was installed in a white Audi TT, which happens to be built in the Audi Hungaria vehicle assembly plant, also in Györ.

Audi has been building engines in Györ for 18 years. Thomas Faustmann, managing director of Audi Hungaria, stated, “Engine production is and will remain our core competence. It is our guarantee for success, which is based on the premium quality of our engines, our flexible team and constant technological advancement.”


3,950 employees work in the engine plant. In 1993, pre-production series engine production began there. In ’94 they started producing four-cylinder, five-valve engines, followed by V6s and V8s in ’97. Four-cylinder diesels were added to the lineup in 2000. Then in ’07 it was 10-cylinder, twin-turbo engines, and 12-cylinder engines in ’08.

They now have the wherewithal to produce engines ranging from four cylinder to 12, from 75 hp to 570 hp. The engines aren’t just limited to use in Audi vehicles. They are installed in more than 40 models of the Volkswagen Group.