Artistic Plating is Now Advanced Plating Technologies


Artistic Plating in Milwaukee has changed its company name to Advanced Plating, said Matthew Lindstedt, Technical Sales Manager, whose family has run the business for seven decades.


“The name Artistic Plating has not accurately represented who we are as a company for some time,” he said. “Artistic Plating was originally founded in 1948, and at that time the name was representative of the company's decorative finishing work that was a large part of the company's business until the late 1990s.”


Lindstedt said that over the past decade Artistic Plating has been undergoing significant changes in finishing capabilities, markets serviced and strategic focus.


“Today the foundation of the company has shifted to a technically-oriented, problem solving metal finishing job shop that is focused on providing metal finishing solutions within a range of demanding sectors,” he said.


To learn more about Advanced Plating Technologies, visit their new website at