An Introduction to MTConnect: A Bluetooth for Manufacturing

Sherry L. Baranek - August 28, 2013


MTConnect is an open, royalty-free standard for manufacturing that involves connecting manufacturing equipment with applications by using proven Internet protocols. Some liken it to a “Bluetooth for Manufacturing.” Just like Bluetooth, both devices must “speak” Bluetooth for things to happen. In manufacturing, it is software applications like shop floor monitoring, that are the applications that speak to an MTConnect-enabled piece of manufacturing equipment on the shop floor

A new document entitled "Getting Started With MTConnect-Writing Client Applications" is now available. It was specifically written for software developers who are interested in writing MTConnect-enabled applications. However, it is an interesting read for all in the industry to see the number of applications that are created for MTConnect enabled manufacturing equipment and devices that can improve operations in the shop.

This white paper is available here under Latest Institute News.