Alfa Romeo 4C: Six Things

Gary S. Vasilash

One of the most anticipated cars coming to North America is certainly the Alfa Romeo 4C. Or at least so people who long for the Fiat marque insist.

Given what it looks like:

Alfa 4C 1

Who wouldn’t anticipate the mid-engined, rear-drive coupe, which is to arrive in the U.S. by the end of the year given that presence?

Here’s what we know:

--It will be produced in the Maserati plant in Modena, Italy.

--Its alphanumeric (numericalpha?), 4C, goes back to the Alfas of the 1930s and 1940s, when there were 8Cs and 6Cs—eight- and six-cylinder powered vehicles.

Alfa 4C 3

--The car is powered by the 1750 Turbo gasoline-powered all-aluminum engine with direct injection, dual continuous valve timing, and a scavenging control system to eliminate turbo lag. There is an Alfa TCT twin dry-clutch transmission.

--The power-to-weight ratio is <4kg/hp.

--The chassis is entirely carbon fiber.

--It measures “less than” 157.5 in. long, has a wheelbase “less than” 94.5 in., and is 78.7 in. wide and 46.5 in. tall.

Alfa 4C 2

The car will have its public unveiling at the 83rd International Motor Show in Geneva next month.