A Degree that Pays

More technology suppliers have partnered up to form an apprenticeship program designed to develop the experts we need in the modern, next generation workforce: NCTriangle Apprenticeship Program (NCTAP), which is affiliated with Apprenticeship 2000 and the NC Department of Commerce's Apprenticeship & Training Bureau.

One of MMT's Advisory Board members, Steve Rotman of Ameritech Mold & Die, is involved with this program in the Charlotte area, which has a proven track record.

Now SCHUNK along with six partners--Allied Automation, Amcor Rigid Packaging, Buehler Aeroglide, Captiveaire, Madern USA, Superior Tooling--have formed NCTAP.

The 4-year program, based in North Carolina's Triangle area, focuses on integrated basic training that develops technical, methodological and social skills. The core training program gives apprentices an excellent opportunity to develop a wide range of skills with a hands-on approach.

According to Lukas Schoenwetter, NCTAP’s Coordinator Partner Companies the NCTAP provides more than just a degree. It opens up more career opportunities than people think of when they start the program.