Building Trucks-Then & Now

The best-selling vehicle in America is a truck. Specifically, a Ford F-Series pickup. 1998 is the Golden Anniversary of the F-Series. So we talked with some veterans of F-Series manufacturing to get some insights on how things have changed over the years.

Virtually Assembled

Long gone are the days of providing "best guess" assembly plans. Today's virtual reality-based software systems provide a way to assemble components and correct mistakes before a part is even prototyped.

Project Management Hits the Desktop

Project management systems are focusing on the fundamental question of getting creative thoughts turned into realities in a specified period of time, every time, repeatedly.

Steel: It's Not What It Used to Be

Perhaps because steel has long been used in the auto industry, some engineers think that the material is old-hat, that different materials have to be used in order to develop vehicles that are lighter and so more fuel efficient. But 35 steel companies from 18 different countries are proving that steel is as high tech and as capable as anything available, and they're building a car to prove it. And, oh, by the way—steel is a whole lot more economical than the competition, too.