Ostensibly, this is a column about cars (or trucks, or SUVs, or whatever; vehicles, as it were) So, to that end I'm writing about this vehicle named "Ironman" (my apologies to both Stan and Ozzy) that was shown by a company called "Model E" (hailing from Fremont, CA; more on it later) at this past October's SEMA show in Las Vegas

On The Management Side

Dealing With GripesMany employee complaints seem so trivial that the normal reaction is to disregard them

Covisint: What You Should Do Now

The rich community of firms serving the computer needs of the auto industry is confronting a new 800-lb gorilla in its midst


Removing Metal

Some things remain the same But there are also significant changes in the area of cutting metal

Th!nk Different

Like it or not, the industry is invariably changing Although Ford leads the world in selling comparatively large vehicles (ie, pickup trucks), it is not overlooking the opportunities that are presented by something a whole lot smaller

Quality Capable

Here is an assortment of comparatively new tools that can be put to work to help assure quality in production operations

Conveying Importance

In October 2000, Ford launched an all-new Mondeo at its assembly plant in Genk, Belgium Ford of Europe chairman Nick Scheele commented, "The significance of the new Mondeo to the future of Ford Motor Company here in Europe cannot be overstated" Analysts and journalists, optimists and pessimists alike all agreed But the Mondeo's success isn't just crucial to Ford There are suppliers to think of, as well

The "E" in ERP is Going Electronic

Now that we've survived Y2K, what can we expect from ERP systems in Y2K+1? Remember this: E-business is a powerful force in ERP

Field Report: e-Business Essentials: Job 1

D&P's first-ever conference has come and gone Not only will the party held along with Sun Microsystems and i2 be long remembered, but the speakers provided some outstanding insights into issues they are grappling with So if you weren't there, here's some of what you missed

Being There

When it comes to computers for design and engineering, General Motors probably leads the auto world (given its size, this speculation is not particularly risky) Its silicon, software and smarts are being put to good use as its designers and engineers are now moving from the 2D images on screens and clay models to the seemingly 3D world of virtual reality

The Three "R's"

GE Plastics Automotive (Southfield, MI) has a few new developments in composite resins:ResistantThe biggest of these is an entirely new resin called "SOLLX" This is a weatherable polymer film thermoplastic that GE Plastics has designed for use in body panels