EuroAuto: Creating the London Cab

One of the most iconic sights in London is about to change its shape-it will still be recognizable for what it is, but will be more refined, better equipped and more efficient that its predecessors.

Insider: Settling In

You may not have noticed it, but this issue includes a change of address for Automotive Design & Production.

Marginal: Considering Quality

When it comes to quality, parity with segment leaders doesn't cut it.

Insight: Challenges in Truck Country

Trucks have long been a Big Three bastion. Now they're under serious competitive pressure.

Competitive Challenges: Suppliers: Who Will Survive?

"Which supplier will be next?" I'm regularly asked this question by financial analysts who want to know which suppliers to invest in and the ones to avoid.

Objects of Interest - February 2007

Multifunctional LatheThe TNW-3500R from Fuji Machine America (Vernon Hills, IL; can turn, drill and mill.

On Strategy: The Challenge in China

Car ownership in China is growing—and presenting a range of different challenges.

Dudder: In Harmony

Getting a car to feel right takes more than bettering the competitions' numbers. It takes a coordinated effort to create a coordinated vehicle.



The name stands for “Young Engineers’ Sports car,” ( and the car comes in both 355 hp turbo and 255 hp non-turbo form.

GM Goes for Tech Power

“We are very, very committed to this,” said GM vice chairman and head of its Global Product Development Bob Lutz, with the pronoun referring to a strategy of mission-specific powertrains that the company is labeling “E-flex.” Under that moniker the corporation will be developing a variety of electric vehicles that deploy electric drives in concert with engines using gasoline, ethanol, diesel, bio-diesel, or hydrogen, or with fuel-cell power.If GM is the company that “killed” the electric car, then with the E-flex initiative, it could be hailed as the company that is making the electric vehicle viable, affordable, useful, and at some point unremarkable—it will just be a part of the automotive landscape.According to Lutz, GM had made a “bad decision” when the corporation didn’t pursue hybrid powertrain technology.

GM Places Lithium Ion-Bets

General Motors has signed contracts with Johnson Controls—Saft Advanced Power Solutions, LLC, and Cobasys for development of lithium-ion battery technology for use in the Saturn Vue Green Line plug-in hybrid.


What’s NetWeaver

NetWeaver combines its capabilities with application functionality to make up SOA, what SAP calls “enterprise services architecture.”

Diesel Goes Blue

If cleanliness is next to godliness then the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board must have the golden keys to the pearly gates.

Cutting The Cable

Integrated electronics turn regular dummies into iDummies

B2MML Explained

Why does the acronym B2MML look familiar?

Lambda, Lambda, Lambda

“Would you rather live in the ascendancy of a civilization or during its decline?” —Arnold Poindexter, Revenge of the Nerds (1984).

Quality: Smells, Surfaces & Assessments

A variety of aspects of quality-from smells to software, from SPC to ACSI-that you should consider.

Five Things about the BMW X5

The second-generation SAV-as in 'sport activity vehicle'-is bigger, more powerful, and better handling. Of course.

2007 Toyoda Tundra: BIG

Who says they don't understand "full-size truck"?

The Next Safety Frontier: Vehicle Communication

Passive safety has reached its pinnacle. Making driving accident-free is paramount.