Winning Through Optimization

The people at Target Chip Ganassi Racing are continually working to meet deadlines with vehicles that can win races. The operative approach is one where they leverage resources wherever possible, thereby achieving optimization. Here's how it works.

Cutting Space & Time Out Of The Process With High Velocities

This may be the first engine machining facility that is based on machines that make remarkably quick moves. And it may represent the means by which Ford will maintain its cutting-edge position in manufacturing powertrains—and not insignificant profits.

A Brief Look at Fieldbus Technology

This technology permits factory floor devices to be networked with controllers more simply and economically than has traditionally been the case.

Implementing PC Intelligence to Improve Performance

By using industrial personal computers networked with intelligent I/O, Ford is realizing improved performance in an engine plant implementation.

Showing the Money

As more companies drive toward improving their levels of quality, they may be getting to a place where an understanding of just what "quality" means is not particularly clear to those who are responsible for achieving it. One consulting organization is utilizing a system that not only shows the cost of problems, but provides a letter grade, just like in school.