Competitive Challenges: Can We Believe Them This Time?

The last 18 months have certainly forced companies to look at their businesses differently than they have ever had to.

Marginal: Beyond The Crisis

Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler Group CEO, made a speech on June 3 at the annual Mackinac Policy Conference that's organized by the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce on Mackinac Island, Michigan.


Need To Know: IMTS 2010

In its 28th year as the premier manufacturing technology show in North America, the 2010 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is being held Sept. 13 to 18 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Holemaking: The Metalcutting Challenge

What is one of the biggest challenges in metalcutting? Holemaking. Particularly in powertrain operations. Holemaking is challenging for a few reasons. He cites the change in manu-facturing equipment in powertrain plants from transfer lines to CNC machines. Whereas before there tended to be drillheads at transfer line stations that were able to make multiple holes in a single slide actuation, nowadays with single spindles.

On Aluminum

Although its use is limited now, with fuel-efficiency and emissions regulations on the horizon, it may give other materials a run for the money.

Infiniti QX56 The Luxury SUV Rolls On

Although luxury SUVs are sometimes thought of as being dinosaurs in this new environmentally conscious world, it seems no one has told the buyers of the Infiniti QX. So Nissan has built a new one.

Not Battery Fast Charge, Battery Switch

While others are working to introduce battery fast-charging methods to electric vehicles, Better Place has developed a different method of 'recharge'.


The 2011 CR-Z: Who Else But Honda?

The large project leader—or chief engineer—of the 2011 Honda CR-Z is Norio Tonobe.

Safety Techniques for U.S. NCAP Requirements

In preparing vehicle manufacturers to meet 2011 model year safety requirements from the U.S.

FEA for MPGs

“Engine downsizing has long been known as one of the most effective available technologies for increasing efficiency,” according to Mark Stephenson, chief engineer, predictive analysis, MAHLE Powertrain. While a number of vehicle manufacturers are offering small, turbocharged engines—from the VW 1.4-liter TSI to the BMW 3.0-liter Twin-Turbo—MAHLE decided that they wanted to go one better.